Equity Placement


When the time is right to bring in additional equity, Premier Capital Associates, LLC is the source to turn to. We consistently research the hospitality marketplace to stay on top of changing equity trends and bring you the right source for your commercial real estate investment needs. 

You may require active or passive equity. Perhaps private or public/institutional equity is the right fit. Whatever your situation, Premier Capital Associates, LLC is the source for finding solutions.

I have known and done business with Jeff McKee for well over 10 years, going back to my days as CFO, then SVP of Franchise Operations, at Choice Hotels. More currently, my partners and I at Creative Hotel Associates develop, own and manage a portfolio of limited-service hotels. We have 11 of those hotels financed largely due to Jeff’s efforts. Over those many years and transactions, I’ve found Jeff to be very bright, personable and fair. Perhaps most important, however, is his character and integrity. Lenders like to talk about the four C’s of credit, but it works both ways, to my mind. In dealing with a broker or lender, I want to know that there’s character on the other side as well and Jeff has that well covered.
— Rick Kaden, Creative Hotel Associates